In the event of an internet outage, the behaviour of your thermostat will be as follows: 

  • Follow the last set point for 2 hours
  • Then heat to 20 degrees for 24 hours after the last capture of presence.
  • If the thermostat does not detect a presence for 24 hours, the installation switches to frost protection by default and regulates at 12° until a presence is detected or until the internet connection is restored. 

Without internet connection, your thermostat works as a manual thermostat, you can change your set point of 0.5° in 0.5°. The set point remains fixed unless you make a new request on the thermostat.

If you are in a multi-zone system, the secondary zone modules will link to your thermostat zone for the duration of the communication interruption and will receive the thermostat's commands. 

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