To solve the problem you are experiencing,follow the next steps in order:

- Deactivate the parental control of your internet box if it has been activated.

- Disconnect and reconnect the USB cable from the gateway and from the Internet box side.

- Change the gateway to a different RJ45 port on the box.

- Switch off any home automation devices connected to the internet box.

If these operations do not restore communications: 

- Remove the battery from the thermostat

- Cut off the power supply to the heating module (either by removing it from its base, or electrically)

- Unplug the gateway

- Restart the internet box, reset (if possible) the box

- Reconnect the gateway: wait until its 2 leds are fixed

- Reconnect the heating module, wait for the network led to light up (right led)

- Put the battery back in the thermostat, wake up the thermostat

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