A new application! 

The COMAP Smart Home application is getting a makeover. From the beginning of September 2020, users have gradually migrated to the new interface. If you have been migrated, you have been notified via email. 

To connect to your applications, you have to use a new address, as well as new Smartphone applications. 

We have completely redesigned the application from scratch. We are still working on it and some features that existed in the old version will appear later in this new version. 

Here is a small summary of the new possibilities of the application and the functions that are not yet present in this new interface:

New features

These features of the application have been revised or improved in order to provide you with a more pleasant user experience: 

  • Multizone & multiprogramme
  • Simplified ergonomics including schedules and programmes
  • Possibility to control a thermostat zone with dry contact and to add secondary zones with pilot wire
  • Multi-residences
  • Multi-thermostats Autonomous and Connected
  • Native IOS and Android applications
  • Zone administration

Features not migrated for the moment

These features are not included in the new version of the platform for the moment: 

  • Qidiag
  • Consumption reports
  • The report
  • *Qivipro
  • The link with the EDF equilibre application

The COMAP Smart Home Team 

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