The heating module of the CSH thermostat has 3 indicator lights on its front panel. Here is what they mean: 


  • Left light: indicates the power supply status of the heating module. When lit, it indicates that the heating module is correctly powered. 

  • Middle light: indicates the status of the heater. When it is off, the heater is switched off (pilot wire command "Off" in the pilot wire frame). When it is switched on and fixed, it indicates that the heater is switched on (command pilot wire "Comfort" in the pilot wire). When it blinks slowly, only in the pilot wire frame,  it indicates that the radiators are receiving one of the following four commands: Eco, Frost-free, Comfort -1, Comfort -2. 

  • Right light: indicates the communication status with our servers. When it is off, communication with our servers is interrupted. When it is on and fixed, communication with our servers is established. When it is blicking, indicates that the heating module is waiting to be paired with a thermostat.

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