Included in your pack when you buy it or with a monthly subscription at €3.99/month.

The standalone service is a service with which the thermostat programs itself using its presence sensor and your requests made directly from the device.

The thermostat uses the thermal data from your home and the data provided by the nearest weather station (based on your postal address) to regulate.

With the Autonomous service, you don't have to do any programming, the thermostat takes care of everything for you:

  • It automatically starts the heating when a presence (outside your usual routine) is detected.
  • It takes into account the inertia of the heating and the thermal resistance of the home.
  • Optimization of the heating system's efficiency.
  • It automatically learns and anticipates the heating system according to your living habits.
  • It easily manages overrides and unforeseen events thanks to the "Holiday" and "Temporary program" functions.

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